COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — When two sisters, busy working mothers, tried to meet the demands of their hectic lifestyles, they looked online for a website tool to store critical information that was needed on a daily basis for running their households — from daily schedules and grocery lists to children's play dates and medical records-none existed. Together they created Best Life Information System (BLIS), a home-life management and information system specifically for on-the-go individuals and families which officially launched today at .

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The sisters, Tracy Coe and Tricia Kolwicz, both professionals in their thirties with spouses also in demanding jobs, created the secure site for the technologically savvy as well as the "non-techy" users — they consider themselves the latter. As hectic schedules and to-do lists pile up, BLIS helps members and individuals with access to this knowledge-sharing system connect to key information instantly via the internet.

According to Coe, for those who live in areas that often experience natural disasters such as hurricanes or travel frequently, it makes sense to have this type of information handy, protected and accessible by simply logging onto the site.

"Similar to companies that use business information systems, life management information systems like BLIS are opening up the internet's potential to change the way home and family information is stored and accessed," she said. "The site means that a family member can access data via the Web from a palm pilot or cell phone to retrieve critical information immediately," she said.

"We want to reach a target audience in a way that hasn't been reached before to fulfill a critical need. BLIS has more than 1,000 applications that allow you to quickly view your calendar, link to a website, pull up important medical information, track home updates and repairs, plan a birthday, find a recipe, or locate the plumber's number in seconds."

Like many working mothers, Coe, who has two grade-school youngsters, and Kolwicz, who has a six-year-old and an active pre-schooler, know that organization is the ultimate path to freedom, freeing up time for family activities and friends, and "me" time.

"We found that our work was organized, and we wanted the same level of organization within our home life," said Kolwicz. "The reality is that we all have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year — it's how we choose to spend that time that makes all the difference. We knew that we could have more time for family and play if we didn't have to spend so much time looking for important paperwork, remembering where we put the grocery list, or trying to find the new babysitter's phone number that was scribbled on a napkin and is nowhere to be found. We desperately needed a tool to capture the important information that we use daily in one place — a place with ease of access that was savvy and mobile — so we created BLIS."

Added Kolwicz, "All content is controlled and generated by the users themselves. BLIS uses encryption and authentication standards to protect the confidentiality of all information. This provides peace of mind that communications between the Web site servers and your browser are safe and secure."

She also explained that BLIS is organized into seven sections: Calendar, To Do & Plan, Home, Health, Activities, My Choice, and Address Book. "For example, you can link to MapQuest(R) and save directions in the address book that is part of the e-library for easy access going forward," said Kolwicz. "Photos also can be uploaded to the home inventory folder."

The first year's subscription price is $125, after that, it's $80 annually. For the people who prefer the familiarity of a paper, although BLIS' electronic capabilities offer many benefits in terms of efficiency, the Web pages print easily and are perfect for saving hard copies in a leather-bound notebook that is available.

Both sisters reside in the greater Columbus, Ohio area and competed collegiately in gymnastics while earning student-athlete honors. This helped hone their work ethic and positive energy, which help form the BLIS entrepreneurial enterprise. Coe, who earned a place at the 1984 U.S. Olympic Trials, currently is a licensed real estate professional and holds a BS in Dietetics from Arizona State University. Kolwicz is a self-employed physical therapist and holds an MS in physical therapy from the University of Pittsburgh and an under graduate degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University.

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