Do you own a massage clinic or spa, and employ people to work for you? If so, your attitude could be the one that needs an adjustment, in order to increase profits and have a healthier business.

New research indicates effective teamwork among an organization’s top management makes employees happier and more productive, with positive benefits to the organization.

“Even though much of this top level interaction takes place behind closed doors, Anneloes M.L. Raes, Heike Bruch and Simon B. De Jong all from the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management, University of Galen, decided to find out, and to uncover empirical evidence into how such a relationship might work,” stated a press release from SAGE Publications, which published the research.

The authors gathered data from employees, top-management members, and human resource (HR) representatives of 63 organizations, obtaining the responses of 5,048 employees and 191 top-management members.

Among the results:

• Top-management behavioral integration increases organizational-level productive energy

• Organizational-level productive energy improves employee job satisfaction and, reduces employee turnover intention

• Organizational-level productive energy mediates both the positive relationship between behavioral integration and employee job satisfaction, and conversely the negative relationship between top management team behavioral integration and employee turnover intention

“Even though top-management may assume that their behavior inside the executive suite is not visible to employees, or reason that teamwork is for everyone except the executive team, a top management team that actually works as a team can confer important advantages upon the entire organization,” the researchers noted.

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