A collection of 14 seasoned spa industry business consultants was officially inducted into IMC USA and received its charter as the International Spa Chapter at IMC’s annual conference in Reno, NV. The group forged an alliance with the IMC when it realized the tremendous strength and value of this 43-year old professional association dedicated to excellence and ethics in management consulting.

The founding members of the Spa Consultant Chapter each possess over 10 years of experience consulting within the spa industry, and many more years of working in the fields of beauty, hospitality, wellness and fitness. Founding Chapter President Deborah Evans of SpaSense Group remarks that “Our group came together with the shared desired to raise the bar by creating a mandatory code of standards and ethics for consulting within our industry. Even though we are all competitors, we recognized the need for this, as we’ve seen many projects delayed or incurring serious cost overruns and operational glitches due to inexperienced advisors. Our group realized that IMC could bring tremendous value to both our prospective clients and our unique niche of experienced consultants.”

Spa consultants provide a wide array of services to hotel and resort owners and operators, real estate developers, and operators of existing spas, including market analysis, financial feasibility and proforma projections, concept development and project planning, and coordination with architects, designers, advertising firms, and in-house marketing, sales and development teams. Spa consultants also create or assist with the development of brand standards, standard operational procedures, staff recruitment, training and compensation, product and equipment selection and procurement, and the development of robust retailing initiatives, in addition to other related tasks. More information on spa consulting and the Spa Consultants chapter is available at www.imcspa.org.

Goals and Objectives of the International Spa Chapter

· To set new industry standards and promote industry best practices
· To create a forum for professional collaboration
· To educate and inform potential clients through a robust website, blog and e-newsletter
· To set and uphold a code of ethics and standards of practice
· To promote its members
· To encourage certification of its members under the IMC “CMC ®”, Certified Management Consultants, an internationally recognized mark of consulting excellence
· To provide ongoing education to members

The Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA) is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. IMC serves as the premier professional association and certifying body for management consultants in the US. Created in 1968, IMC USA members adhere to a rigorous Code of Ethics, and a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. IMC USA awards the designation of Certified Management Consultants (CMC) to recognize achievement of an internationally recognized standard of technical competencies and professional conduct.