Institute of Somatic Therapy Announces New Course on Diversity Training and Cultural Awareness, MASSAGE MagazineThe Institute of Somatic Therapy has announced its new one-hour course, Diversity and Cultural Awareness, is now available to massage therapists.

Maryland state massage therapists renewing their licenses this October have a new continuing education requirement. Now, in addition to courses in communicable diseases and ethics or laws, they also need add one hour of diversity or cultural awareness. This is beyond the 17 continuing education credits they will need in massage therapy-related courses.

Maryland is the first state in the nation to add a required element of diversity training into their massage therapy continuing education requirement.

The concept of cultural awareness and diversity training is relatively new in the U.S. Diversity training is done for the purpose of increasing the participants’ cultural awareness, knowledge and skills in order to increase the inclusion of different identity groups, and promoting better teamwork within the scope of business. It is taught within organizations to guard against instances of discrimination. Cultural diversity training serves to educate employees about the differences and similarities between people and stressing the importance of not treating people differently because of their identity characteristics. Ridding ourselves of preconceptions and prejudices can be imperative in allowing us to grow our businesses to new levels.

The Institute of Somatic Therapy has created a special package for Maryland massage therapists. The three mandated topics (diversity, communicable diseases and ethics) is available in a seven continuing education package for just $49, a savings of $22 if all three courses were taken individually. Maryland massage therapist who also wish to complete the 17 required hours in massage techniques can also use a coupon code, found on our website, www.massagecredits.comfor another $20 discount. All of the required continuing education for Maryland massage therapists can be done online or by home study.

At the Institute of Somatic Therapy’s website, massage therapists can use the keyword search feature to search for “diversity” or “Maryland,” or they can search through the entire “Diversity, Ethics, and Communicable Diseases/HIV” subcategory section. They are also welcome to contact the institute for assistance in meeting their continuing education goals.