Stephen Shipe_Institute of Somatic TherapyThe Institute of Somatic Therapy is pleased to announce the addition of Stephan Shipe to our list of instructors posting online continuing education courses on our website.

Shipe is the owner of Innovative CE LLC. His goal is to spread entrepreneurship throughout natural health professions by way of continuing education. Stephan earned his bachelor’s degree in business with a major in finance and is currently completing his Ph.D. in finance with a support area in econometrics. His industry experience includes company analysis by way of stock and bond market investigations. He concentrates his academic research on cash holdings, executive compensation and industry distress.

Courses he is offering through OnlineCEC include All About Marketing, Business Finance, Business Management, Online Marketing, Professional Communication and Startup Guide for Massage Therapy Practices. Shipe also offers a discounted package consisting of several of his most popular courses.

When you visit the website, please browse any or all of the free courses that we have available. Free course titles include: Shoulder Dysfunction

  • Seven Mistakes Massage Therapists Make and How to Avoid Them
  • Basic WordPress Editing for Websites
  • How Much Life Insurance is Enough
  • Introduction to Mastering Customer Service
  • Understanding Search Engines
  • PHP For Beginners and SEO: What Is It?

The Institute of Somatic Therapy continues to interview continuing education course providers. If interested in posting your online CE courses with us, please visit our website for more information.