Intake Forms Can Help You Choose Massage Cream, MASSAGE Magazine

Many massage therapists and bodyworkers choose to use intake forms in order to gather a bit of history from new clients, and this is one wise way to create a successful practice. By asking the right questions of your clients, you can gain a better idea of the best ways to conduct their sessions, as well as which products to use.

If you are not already using intake forms with every new client, then take some time to think about integrating these forms into your practice. If you do currently gather a bit of health background from new clients, then make sure you are asking the right questions—some of which should help you decide the kind of massage cream to use or avoid.

Taking a new client’s health history can entail asking a few simple questions or gathering details that can truly help you shape his or her sessions. A basic question to ask is about any allergies or sensitivities that client might have, as this could affect the massage cream you choose to use.

For example, if a client writes on her intake form that she is allergic to coconut, then you would obviously need to make sure that any massage cream you used during her appointment was free of coconut or coconut-based derivatives. If a client were to respond that he was allergic to carrots, then you would need to know that the massage cream you were going to use did not contain any carrot oil.

It may be a good idea to ask a separate question on your intake form about client sensitivity, as people may not think to write down a certain sensitivity when you ask about whether they are allergic to any items. Sensitivity usually shows up in the form of such symptoms as headaches or more subtle skin or eye irritations, whereas allergies can cause more overt problems.

One common sensitivity you may find among clients is in the arena of scents. If a client reports on her intake form that she is sensitive to fragrances, it would likely be a good idea to reach for your fragrance-free massage cream, rather than using a massage cream with any kind of aroma, even if the scent is derived from natural essential oils rather than any synthetic ingredients.

Asking questions about allergies or sensitivities is the key to knowing what type of massage cream to use or avoid during a new client’s sessions. Having this valuable information about your clients can also be the key to building a loyal client base. Clients can walk away from their sessions knowing that you cared enough to place a top priority on their own preferences and health issues.

Using the intake form to inform your choices about massage cream also can help protect your practice from the possibility of complaints or even legal issues from clients who might suffer an allergic reaction from certain ingredients in massage cream.

Once you have asked about allergies and sensitivities, you can take your questions one step further and ask your clients if there are certain ingredients they would prefer in a massage cream.