LEECHBURG, Pa., Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ — What if there were one method that could prevent and treat depression, stave off dementia and Alzheimer's, manage stress, reduce diabetes, lower blood pressure, increase muscle coordination, boost reaction time, increase strength, reduce the chance of coronary artery disease and osteoporosis and it could be done in 30 minutes a day?

In this groundbreaking seminar, Ted Cibik, PhD, ND, DMQ (China) will reveal how mind meets muscle and where ancient knowledge greets cutting edge science. This 3-day health investment held in Leechburg, PA on October 3rd, 4th and 5th at the Inner Strength Campus will reveal to you how mind and body cannot be separated anymore for a healthy, peaceful, fulfilling, pain free life.

"All healing (mental, physical, emotional or spiritual) can be seen as an energy medicine. It takes energy to heal from a cut, to allow a healthy cell to multiply, or to heal from trauma and transcend. The mind is the director of this energy. In order to heal completely or to reach optimal health and longevity, one must learn to become fully aware of thought patterns and give the mind precise instructions on how to invest its energy," Dr. Cibik said.

Dr. Cibik combines this understanding with unique physical movement patterns that are literally "moving meditation" to allow the brain to sequence this information more quickly.

"There are many western interpretations of meditation that believe that all meditation is empty of thought and feeling — that the mind is a blank slate," Dr. Cibik said. "Quite the contrary, this unique integrative approach looks to develop and enhance many emotional states — such as compassion and love — all the while resolving others such as abandonment, rejection, betrayal, anger and fear."

Additionally, Dr. Cibik's meditation practice can lead to enhanced immune system function, mental clarity and Alzheimer's prevention. Meditation has been shown to even alter the expression of genes — offering help to people suffering from infertility to the ability to terminate pain.

Class size is limited — pre-register early. Tuition is $499. For more information about "The Power of the Mind to Heal" or other seminars, please visit http://www.inner-strength.org.

You must register by calling 724-845-1041.

About Inner Strength, Inc. and Dr. Ted J. Cibik:

Inner Strength, Inc. is one of the most progressive educators and clinics in the country utilizing integrative mind-body-spirit medicine for individuals and corporate training. Dr. Cibik has been a leading researcher and presenter for over 20 years. He is the author of Air Passages, Surviving Asthma Naturally and Armageddon of the Mind. Please visit http://www.tedcibik.com for more information.

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