International Fascia Research Congress
Purchase of DVD recordings and proceedings books is now online at the FRC website.

The DVDs and proceedings books cover different material:

—The DVD recordings include all the plenary sessions of both the 2007 Boston and 2009 Amsterdam conferences. (Program content can be viewed from website and link on order page.)

—Both 2007 and 2009 proceedings books contain 1) specially selected full text articles, 2) abstracts of oral presentations from parallel sessions, and 3) abstracts of posters presented at both events. (Read introduction to 2007 book and 2009 book.)

Available for Purchase / Pricing…

• DVD recording of the plenary sessions of the 2009 conference / $200 each.

• DVD recording of the 2007 Congress in Boston / $200 each.

DVD PACKAGE PRICE: $300 for BOTH 2007 and 2009 DVDs

• 2009 proceedings book “FASCIA RESEARCH II” / $60 each.

• 2007 Boston Congress proceedings book “FASCIA RESEARCH” / $60 each.

BOOK PACKAGE PRICE: $100 for BOTH 2007 and 2009 proceedings books

All prices include shipping and handling. Intended for private use only. Other uses for institutional and group presentations – contact for replay policy and pricing.
DVD content may differ slightly from actual conference presentation due to copyright restrictions on selected data. Actual program recordings with some adjustments from online program listings.

Shipments processed twice monthly. Please allow at least 3-5 weeks for delivery.

2009 DVD recordings due to start shipping late January 2010.