Las Vegas, Nevada, February 9, 2011: Skip Williams, principal of the international spa-consulting firm Resources & Development has announced the launch of the 2011 Spa America Tour. The tour will officially kick off July 1, 2011, from Las Vegas, Nevada, and finish mid-September. As a leading spa business consultant and renowned author of the Reluctant Spa Director and it’s sequel, The Reluctant Spa Director, Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Armed with nothing more than a netbook computer, a video camera, his android phone and his motorcycle, Williams will chronicle his travels daily via streaming video on the popular SpaClique website and many others, as well as with Twitter and an ongoing daily blog. He will spend two-and-a-half months circumnavigating America to whereever spa challenges reside.

He explained how the free consultations will work. “I am not looking to sample spa services, so spas won’t have to worry about that. Instead I will tour each selected spa and talk with the owners to better understand the unique challenges that each business faces, learning what they have been doing that works or doesn’t work.”

He continued, “I will provide them expert guidance toward better profitability and sustainability. This will include marketing, motivating or managing their staff, controlling costs, problems with the IRS or the effects of a difficult economy.” Likewise, spa product, supply and business service vendors who support the program will receive 80 continuous days of national brand building, marketing, advertising, promotion and networking exposure, as well as expansive ongoing sales opportunities.

“I want everyone to understand, my goal is to help the industry to thrive rather than merely just survive, particularly in the new business environment of the 21st Century,” he said.

If you are a spa owner, operator or director and would like to submit your spa as a candidate for a free consultation visit from Skip Williams, e-mail him at