(live-PR.com) – Intruessence.com will offer a yoga and meditation transformational retreat in Nicaragua June 20 to 26, 2011. This is the first of a series of transformational retreats offered by Intruessence.com. The seven-day retreat, called “7 Days + 7 Chakras,” focuses on integration of mind, body and soul through a specialized process created by founder and director Nicholas Pratley. Participants will be guided through various modalities including yoga, sacred breathwork, reiki, sound/energy healing, chi-gung, chiga ™, mediation and sacred ceremonies.

Pratley is also the creator of The Spirathon, a spiritual triathlon that raises money for various nonprofit charities throughout the world.

The “7 Days + 7 Chakras” retreat will be held at The Aqua Resort and Spa. The price of the retreat includes seven nights in the Eco Luxury Resort, all meals, tours and a massage. Nestled on the pristine Pacific Coast, Aqua was created to provide the perfect setting for relaxation, rejuvenation, personal rediscovery and fun. Nicaragua itself has entered a new era of healing, reconciliation, rebuilding and reconstruction following the end of the Sandinista revolution in 1990. This external backdrop sets a perfect stage for the inner healing, growth and discovery about to happen.

The country is bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south with both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Falling within the tropics, Nicaragua sits 11 degrees north of the equator, in the Northern Hemisphere. Nicaragua is called the land of lakes and volcanoes. It is one of the last undiscovered places in the world offering rich culture, friendly people, and natural beauty.

This is not just another yoga retreat. This is a “spiritual boot camp” where participants will be working out and training the muscles of their spirit. They will unplug from old ways of being and plug into a whole new way. This is a transformational’ retreat, and Intruessence is committed to its participants discovering new parts of themselves and new ways to live their lives.

For more information, visit www.intruessence.com.