Sunbury, Ohio, May 12, 2011)– When you think of Feng Shui, do you think of crystals, mirror, and dragons? Three Intuitive Concepts’ clients invite you to see their homes and hear of their results with Diana Garber, President and Creative Environment Officer© – all reporting that their outcomes far exceeded the decorating experience.

Garber says, “Feng Shui should be felt not seen. If someone enters the building and says, ‘I see you’ve done Feng Shui,’ then something is amiss. Other than enjoying the space, the effects of Feng Shui should be transparent. If a client’s decorating preference is Western, that shouldn’t change. If a client’s preference is country, that needs to be honored. Introducing strange artifacts or symbols to one’s environment does not accomplish Feng Shui.”

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Intuitive Concepts was founded in 1998 and retains the highest Better Business Bureau rating. It utilizes over a dozen sciences to evaluate influences internal and external to one’s living and working environments. Diana Garber (President, CEO & Master Feng Shui Practitioner) has several decades of experience in environmental energy and risk management; and is a business executive, senior project manager; and former Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP). Her eBook, 8 Simple Steps to a More Balanced You is available free by request. She’s also featured in ABEC’s Small Business Review’s Best Stories 2010, and coauthor of The Gratitude Project: Best of Pets. Her next book, A Book of Hope: A Story of Healing, is scheduled for release soon. It is first in the A Book of Hope: Wisdom & Abundance Series collection.