iPosture today announced the launch of the iPosture Companion, its free iTunes® App for the iPhone„ and iPod® touch.

The application was designed as an instructional aid for owners of the iPosture device or anyone interested in improving their posture. The iPosture Companion features educational information about posture and its affect on overall health, as well as a targeted exercise program. Exercises range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and focus on key muscle groups that influence posture, such as the core muscles, back and legs.

The iPosture is designed for use during everyday activities, but improving posture still requires a multi-pronged approach. A sensible diet and a consistent exercise program are still important, said Dr. Moacir Schnapp, the iPosture™s creator. We™ve seen a great response to the iPosture device, so creating this companion application was the natural next step.

The application™s content is based upon Young, Sexy and Healthy: The Ten Best Exercises for Your Posture, a book by iPosture creators Moacir Schnapp, M.D., and his wife, Elma Schnapp, M.D.

People are busier than ever before, so we understand the importance of portable exercise information, Schnapp said. Today™s technology makes it possible for people to exercise whether they™re at the gym, at home or traveling for business. It is our hope that the iPosture Companion App will help people put more emphasis on exercise and improve their posture and overall health.

The iPosture Companion App is available for free download via the iTunes App Store and also is accessible through the iPosture Web site.

The iPosture monitor was developed to be the smallest, most user-friendly posture improvement device on the market. Just 1 inch in diameter, the iPosture is designed with intuitive technology that senses when the body slouches, and it alerts the user with a brief vibration to correct it.

The iPosture is currently available for order in the United States via its Web site, www.iPosture.com, for $74.95. All iPosture orders also include a copy of Young, Sexy and Healthy: The Ten Best Exercises for Your Posture.

For more information about the iPosture App or to order an iPosture, please visit www.iPosture.com.