Massage cream storage containers

The more care you take with massage cream storage, the longer your creams will likely last.

This translates to less waste and more profit for your massage practice.

Massage cream storage includes just a few basic steps to keep your products long-lasting.


Climate Matters

Dianne Evans, C.M.T., owner of Fremont Massage & Wellness in Fremont, California, said it’s important to make sure creams don’t get too hot, because heat can cause them to go rancid. This is why she stores her creams at a temperature of 72 degrees or less.

Heather Easton, L.M.T., owner of Easton Essentials in Lapeer, Michigan, also stores her massage creams at room temperature. The winters in Michigan get pretty frigid, but fortunately, she said, the cold isn’t as hard on massage creams as heat.

In fact, she has placed her creams in a location where they’ve partially frozen and they’ve been fine to use once they were returned to room temperature. She’s also experienced an issue with heat, and said that “allowing your creams to get too hot can make them feel oily,” similar to how cheese gets if you let it sit out in the heat.


Avoid Sunlight

Evans and her staff store their creams in a shelf in a dark room and Easton keeps hers in a closed cupboard or cabinet. This is important as too much light can have a negative effect on many products, including creams.

Basically, you want to keep them away from windows or any area that is prone to direct sunlight to help the cream keep its consistency and integrity.


Contaminant-Free Creams

If you buy creams in bulk, like Evans does by purchasing them in gallon sizes, “try not to touch the cream with your hands when refilling your tubes,” she said. “Use a spatula instead.” This prevents contaminants from your hands from reaching the remaining cream.

If many people pull creams from the same bulk storage, be sure to incorporate training for your staff on the way creams should be retrieved at your location.


Ask Your Creams Manufacturer

It is very important to read the product labels and instructions for the creams you use in your salon or spa. The labels will often indicate how long and under what conditions the cream is safe for use.

For example, Easton has always used BIOTONE products, and she found information on her creams on BIOTONE’s website. Their site recommended she store her creams in a dry, dark area, and said they should be good for about 18 months. The site goes on to explain that shelf life can be extended by refrigeration, and not freezing.

While these guidelines are true for BIOTONE’s creams, other manufacturers may recommend different guidelines for their products. This information will help you store your creams safely and effectively.


Storing for Longevity

Although they live on opposite sides of the nation, Evans and Easton have the same general practices when it comes to storing their massage creams—practices that you can use to store yours safely as well. Take the time to read about your creams and learn how long they are safe to keep and use.

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