(Thousand Oaks, California) – It’s a unique new product line for an increasingly popular health-and-wellness massage therapy activity. And now GolfBallMassage.com has launched a registry that helps people search for a massage therapist who uses Golf Ball Massage products and techniques in their area.

The registry, www.golfballmassage.com/registry, is brand new and is constantly being updated to add new massage therapists to the list. If therapists or spas offer Golf Ball Massage with the SPAball Kaddy, they can sign up free of charge so new clients can find them and benefit from this growing health service. GolfBallMassage.com will also soon have a training and certification program which will highlight therapists versed in this modality.

“I set this up because I keep getting e-mails literally all over the world asking me who does these massages,” says GolfBallMassage.com President Heather Karr. “This is just a way of connecting the therapists with potential customers, and it is a great way to attract new clients to any spa.”

Up until about a year ago, few people practiced golf ball massage or even heard of it. But since the release of two recent products, the practice is becoming more accepted and respected. GolfBallMassage.com is unveiling its new SPAball Kaddy and KaddyBACK products that make it easy to incorporate golf ball massage into any personal or professional wellness program.

Before the SPAball Kaddy, the practice was a bit cumbersome and could actually be painful for the person giving the massage. The SPAball Kaddy is a creatively designed, ergonomically balanced, cup-like device that perfectly cradles a standard gold ball. For the casual user, the SPAball Kaddy allows anyone to reach deeper into the muscles than when using a golf ball or fingers alone. For the trained therapist, the SPAball Kaddy allows the therapist to push deeply into the muscles with much less wear and tear on the therapist, protecting hands from the pressure of the golf ball and allowing the therapist to better control the ball.

As a licensed massage therapist, GolfBallMassage.com President Heather Karr is well-versed in modalities ranging from hospice therapeutic touch to deep tissue and sports massage. She was inspired to create the GolfBallMassage.com line by a client who found relief by rolling around on a golf ball for self-massage relief in between sessions. Karr soon found that although a golf ball is perfectly shaped for smoothly and deeply massaging hard-to-reach muscles on her clients, it was damaging to a therapist’s hands. So she set out to create a solution to that problem–and the SPAball Kaddy was born.

GolfBallMassage.com’s KaddyBACK was designed based on the common practice of putting a golf ball in a sock, placing it against the upper back area, and pushing it against a wall to allow the ball to massage hard-to-reach back areas. KaddyBACK does the same thing efficiently and effectively, and was designed to be hands-free, enabling this therapy to be used while in a car, chair, etc.

The line of Golf Ball Massage products range from $9.99 to $15.95 and can be purchased online at www.golfballmassage.com.