Jami Lin, award-winning author offers complimentary Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy readings at “Women Taking Care of the World” Conference, October 3, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Personalized readings take less than 5 minutes and are customized to each individual. Each attendee will discover their best colors to wear and which directions to face for greater health, wealth and happiness.

Jami Lin, internationally renowned Feng Shui Master, Color Alchemist, and best-selling author offers complimentary, life-transforming solutions for all attendees at Women-Taking-Care-of-the-World Conference, October 3 in St. Petersburg, Florida (iammoxywomen.com). Throughout he day and within minutes, discover, the best colors to wear and which directions to face for greater health, wealth and happiness at the first-of-its kind, world event: Progress Energy Center for the Arts-Mahaffey Theater.

“I love meeting new people and giving them personalized, life-enhancing solutions. Folks can either choose to receive their best direction to locate their bed and desk, the most important furniture for love and money or get their unique, life-transforming colors to instantly turn stress into calm among other profound benefits.”

Having designed thousands of square feet over the past thirty years, hundreds of Jami’s clients experience why locating best directions are vital to life success. Sleeping with your head pointing toward a good direction, wake up feeling refreshed and with improved health. Also sleeping in a best direction deepens love or helps find a knight in shining armor. When desk chair faces a best direction, there is greater opportunity for career advancement and for money to flow easily.

“I know the value of these readings and love doing them for free! There is a quick, mathematical formula, modeled after physical science that the Chinese, Feng Shui Masters have time-tested for thousands of years. I combine this formula, intuition, and experience, and voila, easily reap the benefits by making sure desk and bed are facing personal, best directions!”

Free ColorAlchemy readings will also be offered to identify the best, personalized colors for awakening greatest potential. Select favorite and least favorite colors to discover your unique combination of colors to increase vitality, heighten pleasure, strengthen professional success, deepen love and relationships, improve mental clarity, expand intuition, and/or inspire inner peace.

“As far back as Ancient Egypt, color has been used to motivate and attract personal potential. Newtonian science, Quantum physics, and psychological studies explain how and why using the endless supply of color around you increases performance, helps overcome obstacles, and to experience work as play,” shares Jami.

“I began studying color and design crawling around my mother’s easel at three-years old, I graduated to my own set of paints as well as from the University of Florida, School of Architecture, studied the science of color, and continue to experience how it immediately influences people through thirty-years of Feng Shui interior design and ColorAlchemy.”

”When you integrate the magic of color in your consciousness, just like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, you will never go back to living in black and white.”

Feng-Shui-Interior-Design.com and ColorAlchemy.com offers complimentary charts, lessons, and hundreds of helpful tips too.

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Jami Lin (JamiLin.com) is a 30-year veteran of interior design. Her expertise evolved into Feng Shui (http://www.feng-shui-interior-design.com/), international recognition as a master with six best-selling books, an online home-study certification program, and PBS-TV pilot. Color is her trademark and her new, award-winning ColorAlchemy book (ColorAlchemy.com) is heralded as, “advanced thinking for infinite possibilities.”