Jami Lin, recently featured in national PBS-TV special offers feature do-it-yourself classes on Feng Shui, home and garden design, color therapy, breathing, acupressure, face-life massage, and meditation, as well as many other life-enhancing, anti-stress, anti-aging subjects.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) September 7, 2009 — Internationally acclaimed Feng Shui master Jami Lin has thirty years’ experience in Feng Shui Interior Design. She has taught in South American, Europe, and Asia, as well as throughout the United States. Her recent television show, Feng Shui Beautifully by PBS aired during viewer-support campaigns.

Prior to moving to Venice, Florida, she taught weekly classes at Florida International University, wellness centers, senior centers, and high-end condominiums, such as The Point in Aventura, Florida. Now her expertise can be obtained through mind, body, and spirit classes at her new studio in Venice, Florida. “I love teaching what I love. The best part is watching people’s eyes sparkle as they experience how the practical and easy applications make profound changes in their lives. “

Feng Shui classes: Jam has written six best-selling Feng Shui books, one of which became a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, along with her video. Deepak Chopra heralds Feng Shui today with “Jami presents practical and inexpensive ideas to bring harmony to your surroundings in a book that goes far beyond Feng Shui.” She has been practicing for over 20 years. Improve quality of life with creative ideas, and decorative Feng Shui suggestions. Discover the effects of color, shape, form and texture. Find how best personal directions and merely shifting a few accessories in seasonal cycles work better as REAL Feng Shui, as opposed to “popular” Feng Shui.

ColorAlchemy: Jami Lin uses her award-winning book to teach how color therapy for two minutes a day can aid mastery of the 7 personal triumphs of vitality, creativity, power, love, focus, intuition, and bliss. Instantaneously turn stress into calm using color breathing and visualization. “ColorAlchmey is advanced thinking for infinite possibilities, you’ll find yourself,” says Horst M. Rechelbacker, Founder of Aveda Corporation. Use color to identify personal strengths and weaknesses. Enhance the good and balance the negative.

Home & Garden: Apply the principles of Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy to the uncluttered home and garden for life benefits. Accent the living areas with appropriate accessories, displayed properly, to continue support. Jami shares interior design tricks used in her firm Earth Design. Lupitia Herrera, about her new home in Mexico, “We were glad to have sought Jami Lin out as she is always looking for perfection and we benefited from her years of design expertise as well as her humor and kindness.”

Facelift Massage: Bring the inner peace and beauty to the surface by learning easy and effective massage and acupressure. As a licensed esthetician, Jami teaches how to use ingredients found in the kitchen to keep skin moisturized and radiant. Jami’s ColorAlchemy facials have been featured in magazines such as Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa and on CNN.

Anti-aging/Anti-stress: In these ongoing classes, Jami teaches how to balance mind, body, and soul with practical and life-enhancing, sage-old wisdom. Release bodily toxins and negative emotions to increase joy. Stress reduction leads to a deceleration of aging. Jami says, “I’ve been teaching classes like this for over 30 years. I share all the mind, body, and spirit secrets that I keep learning.”

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Jami Lin (JamiLin.com) is a 30-year veteran of interior design. Her expertise evolved into Feng Shui (www.Feng-Shui-Interior-Design.com), international recognition as a master with six best-selling books, an online home-study certification program, and PBS-TV pilot. Color is her trademark and her new, award-winning ColorAlchemy book (ColorAlchemy.com) is heralded as, “advanced thinking for infinite possibilities.”

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