Research results released yesterday indicate that just one Jin Shin Jyutsu session results in “significant improvement in side effects” related to cancer patients’ treatment.

University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center researchers found that in each session patients experienced significant improvement in the areas of pain, stress and nausea with the first visit and in subsequent visits as well, according to a university press release.

“The mean decreases experienced were three points for stress and two points for both pain and nausea,” the release noted. (Before and after each Jin Shin Jyutsu session, researcjers asked patients to assess their symptoms of pain, stress and nausea on a scale of 0-10, with 0 representing no symptoms.)

According to the Jin Shin Jyutsu website, Jin Shin Jyutsu releases blockages or stagnation in energy pathways throughout the body.

The study included 159 current cancer patients. During a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, patients receive light touches on 52 specific energetic points called Safety Energy Locks as well as fingers, toes, and midpoints on the upper arm, upper calf and lower leg in predetermined orders known as “flows,” the press release noted. Patients remained clothed except for shoes and all hand placements are done over clothing.

Funded by a grant from the Lexington Cancer Foundation, Jin Shin Jyutsu is considered part of an integrative treatment plan available at the UK Markey Cancer Center. Jennifer Bradley, who is the Jin Shin Jyutsu integrative practitioner at Markey, presented the study at the 2012 Markey Cancer Center Research Day.

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