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Most clients or potential clients imagine massage as therapy and relaxation. They picture a calm and peaceful room, soft music, and a focused professional working on muscles in desperate need of attention.

Hopefully, that is everyone’s experience.

For the professional massage therapist, running a massage practice can be a very different picture. Creating a safe and relaxed environment conducive to serious bodywork is not easy. Each appointment requires the therapist to have an open and receptive attitude, and to be fully present and aware of what is going on with the client’s body.

And let’s not forget marketing, accounting, scheduling and laundry—in addition to choosing and stocking the massage products required to meet clients’ needs.

Complete confidence in the quality and effectiveness of your massage products is essential for peace of mind.

Let’s explore five reasons why jojoba is a massage practice builder, making it less stressful for you and your clients and enhancing your happiness as a massage therapist.

No Expiration Date = Money Saved

It’s frustrating to waste your hard-earned money on products that expire.

You need not be concerned with an expiration date, because pure jojoba is shelf stable. Jojoba is not oil. It is a liquid wax ester and does not oxidize. You can keep it on hand for years.

"The very best thing about jojoba is that is does not become rancid,” said one massage therapist who uses jojoba regularly. “[It also] aids in the integrity of essential oils."

Jojoba’s longevity is a benefit if your massage practice ebbs and flows with the seasons. Think about the convenience of having to re-order only when you're close to running out—not because half of your bottle expired before you could use it.

Long-Lasting Sheets

The odor of rancid products is off-putting to your clients and a distraction from their experience. High-quality massage linens represent a substantial investment. Having to discard serviceable sheets because they smell terrible puts a dent in your bottom line.

Jojoba washes out of natural fabrics with hot water and a good detergent. No more ugly stains and residues. Jojoba allows you to keep your sheets longer, and to be confident that they are odor-free. What a breath of fresh air.

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Safety First

Sometimes it only takes one ingredient in a product to trigger a reaction in clients with very sensitive systems and allergies. Massage therapists must also be concerned about their own skin. After all, they are in constant contact with their products.

With pure jojoba that has been processed in a dedicated facility, “safety first” is automatic. Jojoba is completely non-allergenic. Even people with nut allergies are in the clear, because jojoba is extracted from a seed; it does not come from a nut.

Jojoba is safe for all existing skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne. Oncology massage therapists and estheticians use jojoba where purity and safety are essential.

That's right—many hospitals and clinics use jojoba as a safe and effective massage product and skin-care option for patients who are fighting cancer.

Happy Face, Happy Client

If you give facial massages, grab your jojoba. The skin type of your client makes no difference. Jojoba will not clog your clients’ pores. If clients with oily skin are leery of using jojoba on their faces, you can assure them that pure jojoba—a liquid wax ester, not oil—will help balance sebum production.

Of course, a client with dry skin will also benefit from the replenishment jojoba provides. Whether oily, dry or somewhere in between, your clients will see their glowing skin and sign up for another facial massage, with smiles on their faces.

Jojoba Seed

Quality, Value, and Versatility

There are many lubricant choices facing massage therapists, from lotions, creams, gels and oils to waxes, serums, tinctures and essential oil blends. So many choices can be confusing. Selecting jojoba is the best, least-stressful and easiest decision available to you.

Pure jojoba gives you and your clients a high-quality experience. Unlike any other product, jojoba is molecularly akin to the sebum we produce in our skin. Jojoba softens and conditions, providing the combination of grip and glide you’ll want, no matter what massage modality you use. You will feel the difference.

One massage therapist said, “"The glide is perfect, and I have yet to find another product that can rival its positive effects on the skin. And as a therapist who does mostly medical work, it is a wonderful thing to have found a product that none of my clients are allergic to.”

A little jojoba goes a long way, providing added value. You will use far less jojoba than any other product. Your client will not feel greasy, and high-quality jojoba will not leave a tacky residue. There will be no need for the client to towel off after the massage; yet your client’s skin will feel replenished, not oily.

You can even blend jojoba with other products. Jojoba is aroma therapists’ preferred carrier for their essential oil blends.

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JoJoba is a Massage Practice Builder

You have just learned five of the many ways jojoba can reduce stress in your practice and be a massage practice builder. Give your business a boost, practice some self-care and add value to your clients’ experiences. Use pure jojoba.

When you shop for pure jojoba, you need to know what you’re getting. Is a product called jojoba oil? Is it refined? De-colored? De-odorized? Stabilized with a synthetic tocopherol? Blended with other ingredients? If any of the above applies, it’s not what you’re looking for.

Pure jojoba is a naturally warm golden color. Look for a company that knows what pure jojoba is: a liquid wax ester, unrefined, with no fillers or other ingredients. Look for jojoba that is free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Keep chemicals out of your jojoba and off your body.

Look to The Jojoba Company d/b/a The Original Jojoba Company for your jojoba needs. As one satisfied massage therapist said, "I've been a [massage therapist] for 11 years, and your jojoba extract is the best stuff I've ever used! It's economical, clean, and every one of my clients likes it."

Pure jojoba is sure to remain a massage practice builder, and will help make you a happier, stress-free massage therapist. Use pure jojoba and breathe a deep sigh of relief.

About The Jojoba Company

The Original Jojoba Company has been nourishing skin for more than 20 years. Its ONLY product is 100% pure, unrefined, golden jojoba: https://www.jojobacompany.com/mmd