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July 2016 Featured Articles:

Mindful Bodywork: Bring Awareness to Your Touch

woman having back massagedWe are waking up from a spell, or what I would call a central myth, in massage and bodywork: the belief that massage therapists relax and release clients’ muscles through soft tissue manipulation. In spite of how common-sense this appears on the surface, the fact is that muscles don’t originate relaxation. They don’t relax themselves […]

Use Advertising to Build Your Massage Practice

advertising word cloudAs a marketing coach for massage therapists, I’ve privately coached more than 300 therapists to stand out from the crowd of other massage therapists in their markets. In studying how massage therapists advertise, I’ve discovered five distinct forms. They are: retail, benefits, comparative, image—and what I like to call waste-of-money advertising. It’s sad to say […]

Build a Path to Career Longevity

stepping-stones to successPicture this: You have just finished a great massage session in your own cozy office, quiet music is playing, your client says it’s the best massage he’s ever had, and he rebooks for a weekly time slot. Then you clean up, relax with a cup of tea, and complete your client notes in plenty of […]

Virtual Assistance: Software for Your Practice

laptop-with-mediaYou got into this business to give massage—but how much of your workday do you spend doing other things, such as filing, billing, scheduling and answering the phone? Those tasks are critical to running a business, but they’re not necessarily what you want to be doing. If you find you’re taking too much time handling […]

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