Instantly rejuvenate a tired, dull complexion with the new Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask, a 10-minute at-home mini-spa treatment that delivers antioxidants directly to the skin along with a burst of hydration. This marks the latest introduction to Jurlique’s iconic Herbal Recovery range, a natural, potent, botanical skin care collection designed to protect the skin with potent antioxidants and help prevent the first signs of aging.

The mask immediately enriches the facial skin with antioxidants (vitamins C and E), gentle exfoliants and intense hydrating ingredients that leave the skin looking and feeling smooth, softened and refreshed. Encapsulated micro-spheres infused with vitamin E burst on contact and are released onto skin upon application to deliver intense antioxidant benefits, while Jurlique’s proprietary Biodynamic* Blend of potent botanicals refreshes, hydrates and revitalizes the skin. The result: a healthier, brighter, and more youthful visage upon application.

What it is

  • A hydrating, spa-inspired gel mask infused with antioxidant beads to help address the first signs of aging and protect the skin against environmental aggressors.

What it does

  • Provides immediate hydration and nourishment to tired, dull complexions.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Protects against the first signs of aging.
  • Includes natural extracts that help promote cell turnover and essential vitamins with powerful antioxidant properties to help protect skin and improve the health and appearance of skin.
  • Provides a spa-at-home experience with a fast-acting 10-minute rejuvenating treatment

What it contains

Triple-action moisturizers:

  • Saccharide isomerate: With the ability to increase skin hydration after a single application, this carbohydrate complex remains active under conditions of low humidity and allows moisture to remain in the skin long after conventional moisturizers flash off. Once bound to the skin’s surface, it cannot be washed off easily. Therefore, the removal of this ingredient occurs only by the natural process of desquamation.
  • Cassia angustifolia seed polysaccharide complex: This wrinkle filler delivers intense moisturization, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes the skin’s surface and increases skin’s radiance. It is derived from the Indian senna plant.
  • Sea salt: This marine polysaccharide is a natural 24-hour moisturizing agent that absorbs quickly into the skin. It supplies an emollient moisturizing barrier without an “oily” after feel and has an exceptionally smooth texture that improves the skin’s feel and increases slip. Rich in lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, it penetrates deep into the skin to help maintain its firmness and hydration.
  • Fennel seed extract: This extract reduces UV erythema by 65 percent, blocks lipid peroxidation, is an excellent peroxide scavenger and is standardized to peroxidase.
  • Willow bark extract: This vacuum-distilled extract of the black willow tree contains 10 percent salicylic acid, making it an excellent botanical alternative to synthetic salicylic acid. It enhances cell turnover to improve the appearance of skin and boasts antimicrobial properties.
  • Vitamin C and E: These vitamins deliver antioxidants to the skin to help fight damage caused by environmental aggressors. The encapsulated vitamin E bursts onto the skin to provide a layer of pure nourishment.
  • Biodynamic* Blend of rose, licorice root, chamomile and black elder: This combination of herbs is used to soothe skin, fight against inflammation and aid in overall skin radiance and wellness.

What it costs

· $48 for 3.3 ounces

This formula is free of artificial firming ingredients, parabens, PEGs, SLS, artificial colors and formaldehyde-releasers.

About Jurlique

Jurlique is a natural skin care company dedicated to providing the purest, most effective skin care available through nature, science and innovation. Founded in Australia in 1985, Jurlique develops each product using potent blends extracted from the herbs and flowers harvested on its own organic and certified biodynamic* farm in South Australia and combines them with efficacious natural ingredients sourced from its native Australia and around the world.