During this time of economic distress, people want to give gifts, but don’t have the finances to be lavish. Here is a gift idea that only ‘costs’ your time, but will still score you high points on the love-scale. Sweethearts can simply learn how to give a great massage as their gift and their loved one will think it is the best gift they have ever received. Within 15 minutes you will know what to do with your hands. This link has all the instructions.

San Francisco (PRWEB) February 11, 2009 — Valentine’s Day may have just gotten a little sweeter with this novel idea for a sure-fire gift.

Yes, … Candy and flowers are nice, but imagine if your sweetheart gave you a massage with their own hands as a Valentine’s gift?

For people who are looking to save money over the Valentines weekend but still give an unusual, thoughtful gift, Irene Diamond, R.T., national massage therapy expert and director of Diamond Massage & Wellness Center in San Francisco has has put together some simple instructions and tips that will teach the reader how to give a great massage to their partner as their gift.

Diamond has been teaching couples how to massage each other since 1988 and knows men in particular are looking for that unusual gift to give to their girlfriend or wife. Not only will this help her relax and feel better, this gift will be something she will enjoy and remember for a long time, but even more important, be the gift that will give women something to brag about to their friends.

Since most people are looking for a no-cost or low cost gift idea, this gift packs a big punch without even costing a dime.

Diamond says, “Even if you have never given a massage before it is simple to become a really good massage-giver. Plus your sweetheart will be very impressed you actually came up with this new idea and took the time to learn it.”

Diamond’s Top 6 Secrets To Giving The Best Massage:

1. Start with the recipient face down. If you are not using a massage table with a face cradle, have them turn their head to one side so they can breathe. Be sure to ask them to turn their head the opposite direction after a while so their neck doesn’t stiffen up.

2. Use pillows as needed. Place them under their belly, head, and ankles to assure they are comfortable. (Cover with a towel so the lotion or oil doesn’t stain the pillows)

3. Start with slow but big hand movements such as glides and squeezes. Move your hands less than you think, and don’t rush through it.

4. Only press into the soft areas of the muscle. If you feel bone, work around it rather than directly on it.

5. As you are giving the massage, think about what you would find enjoyable and try to do that on your partner.

6. Of course, if they say anything is uncomfortable, stop or adjust your pressure or speed. You don’t want to have them “work through it!”

Diamond suggests you start on your partner’s back and shoulders near their neck since that is where most people carry their tension. The goal is to get them to relax and feel better as soon as possible.

Ms. Diamond advises, “Now is not the time to “grin and bare it” because if you don’t speak up and let your partner know if it doesn’t feel right, they will keep doing it. Tell them what you would like them to change to make it feel better, such as slow down, lighten up or move just a little to the left.”

“You can easily learn the basics of giving a massage in one evening and enjoy the experience and time shared as the gift. After all, we just need more one-on-one time with each other rather than more stuff. Spend your evening pampering and relaxing your partner. Get rid of pain and stiff shoulders, and help them forget their cares.”

A Few Other Tips:
1. Be sure to turn off the phone so you aren’t tempted to answer it.
2. Disconnect all your electronic beepers so they don’t disturb your peace and quiet.
3. If possible, get a baby-sitter or send the kids to your neighbor’s house for privacy.
4. Print out the instructions to refer back to while you are giving the massage.
5. Arrange the area you will be using to give the massage with soft lights, lotion, pillows, candles, and music.
6. Then, once you have announced what your gift is… away you go.

The real fun in this gift will be the two of you trying to figure it out together. Take turns trying the strokes and give each other gentle, honest feedback. Enjoy the process.

Diamond’s full massage instructions and tips can be found at http://www.DiamondWellness.com/Valentine.htm

Diamond also offers a DVD called INSIDER TIPS – Secrets For Giving A Great Massage available at http://diamondwellness.com/products.htm.