JZZ Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets:JZZI), a leading provider of unique software solutions to physical therapists, physicians, sport practitioners, sport specific training facilities and similar professions, announced today that it has a consulting contract with Ola Grimsby of the Ola Grimsby Institute (OGI). Mr Grimsby, along with three other OGI senior instructors, has signed an agreement to incorporate JZZ’s motion analysis products into their methodology of assessments and interventions.

The agreement details the use of the completed product in certain areas of study at the Institute. With hundreds of therapists working through OGI’s postgraduate training program annually, JZZ Technologies’ resultant product will be in the hands of therapists, researchers and clinicians worldwide. Mr Grimsby commented that, “the research will be conducted by OGI students and/or instructors using JZZ Technologies’ motion capture system to ascertain the normative data and three dimensional biomechanics of extremity and spinal functions. The research proposal includes the conjunct rotations in extremity joints as well as the documentation of individual coupling of spinal movements. The data will serve as a reference for diagnostic procedures as well as a tool for rehabilitation of functional disabilities. The clinical outcome of these studies is currently incorporated in OGI students’ Ph.D. dissertations, which will be published and presented at several international conferences this year.”

“Partnering with one of the premier physical therapy postgraduate institutes in the world is a large step forward for us. Ola and his group are helping us create one of the most useful products targeting the physical therapy industry in some time. Insurance companies are requiring doctors, therapists, and basically anyone involved in rehabilitative care to provide evidence that their treatment is working prior to payment. Our product will provide the means by which practitioners can validate their therapy objectively,” says Aaron Pines, President and CEO of JZZ Technologies, Inc. Mr Pines goes on to say, “Incorporating our product in OGI’s curriculum places us in the forefront of the physical therapy marketplace. It’s a unique position to be in front those students who we hope will eventually become system owners/clients.”

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