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The State of Kansas Massage Therapist Requirements

Throughout the 82,277 square miles of The Sunflower State, approximately 2,500 massage therapists work to help the more than 2.9 million people in their state find relief from pain, rehabilitation from injuries, and comfort in the midst of stress and anxiety.

With 382,368 people in Wichita, 173,372 people in Overland Park, and 145,786 people in Kansas City, massage therapists who work in Kansas can find an engaged environment to open, continue, or join a massage therapy business.

How Do I Become A Massage Therapist in Kansas?

If you’re ready to move into your career as a massage therapist in Kansas, you can work toward your practicing license by completing 500 hours of in-class instruction at an approved massage therapy program and pass one of the national exams for massage therapy. You may need to pay $75 to the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

Since there are no massage therapy boards in Kansas, there are no set requirements for licensing of a massage therapist. However, you should check with your city to ensure they have not incorporated regulations for their district. Bills are discussed each year, so keep up with the state as they may create a board or require licensure under the Board of Nursing in the recent future.

Where Can I Study?

Below are two approved schools in Kansas to help you get started on what you may be looking for in a massage therapy education.

  • Wellspring School of Allied Health: This school offers comprehensive programs to empower students with “the skills to pursue an exciting career in the growing field of health and wellness while developing a deep understanding of both yourself and others.” Ninety percent of their graduates become Certified Massage Therapists.
  • Pinnacle Career Institute: Classes at this school are set up to maximize students’ understanding of massage therapy and give them hands-on experience. The skills students learn in the classroom will be used in the on-campus clinic. Students will also learn the business side of massage therapy so students are ready to begin a successful career.

Other education options include Colby Community College and Body and Soul Massage Center and School.

How Much Will I Earn?

The average annual wage of a massage therapist in Kansas was $28,320 in 2014. This is on the lower side of state earnings, with the average national salary at $41,790. However, massage therapists who work in Kansas City have the opportunity to earn a higher salary, with the average for this city at $35,060 annually.