Before the world of massage therapy and bodywork gained widespread acceptance, practitioners of such touch techniques had a lot less to choose from when it came to the tools of their trade, such as massage tables, lubricants and more. Today, however, as touch therapy has entered the mainstream world, massage therapists and bodyworkers have a huge array of products to choose from in order to best stock their practice and serve clients.

Of course, large items, such as massage tables, tend to last a long time, so once you’ve found one or two to suit your needs as a bodyworker, that issue is settled. In terms of massage cream, however, busy practitioners tend to go through this lubricant rather quickly, so there is always an opportunity to try something new. In addition, because massage cream is fairly affordable, it’s possible to keep a few different kinds on hand for various clients and the conditions they present.

For many massage therapists and bodyworkers, though, selecting a massage cream can be much like selecting a massage table—you find one you like and stick with it for years. This certainly simplifies the selection and ordering process, for a touch therapist might even order multiple tubs of the massage cream to stay stocked for years. Using the same massage cream year after year also allows the practitioner to know exactly what he or she is going to get in terms of friction and glide, as well as how the chosen massage cream will play into different touch techniques.

It’s clear there are several benefits to sticking with the same tried-and-true massage cream you’ve been using all along, but it’s important to note there may be benefits to looking at what else is out there as well. Especially if you’ve been in the field of massage therapy and bodywork for quite a while, there may be amazing massage creams on the market that weren’t available when you first found your favorite lubricant.

After all, a big part of what it means to be the best possible bodyworker or massage therapist you can be is to offer each client a session of the highest quality—that not only means using your touch techniques to the best of your ability, but also providing a high-quality massage table and linens, soothing music and lighting and a massage cream that fully enhances the bodywork.

Today’s market of massage creams is packed with appealing options, from massage creams that are made with all organic ingredients and manufactured according to eco-friendly standards to massage creams that bring side benefits to the table, such as extra moisture for the client’s skin, pain-relieving ingredients, essential oils for aromatherapy and more.

Do your business and your clients a favor and take the time to check out what’s on the market in terms of massage creams every now and again. You may find a massage cream that can further enhance the work you do on a daily basis.

—Brandi Schlossberg