Dallas, Texas 5/13/2009 02:29 AM GMT (TransWorldNews) Scientists studying music’s effects on the brain and body are seeing health-boosting potential, both from listening to and making music.

A spokesman for the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) has said that “passive listening” to music can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, induce a relaxed state and change your mood. Babies in neonatal intensive care units have had improved lung development and nursing ability when exposed to music.

A 2003 study in Heart & Lung Magazine suggests that listening to music while you work out does more than pass the time and make it enjoyable— it may increase your cognitive function, giving your verbal “muscles” a boost.

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A 2005 European study looked at the heart-bolstering, stress-busting effects of music and found that listening to music slowed breathing patterns in everyone studied. But the change was most drastic in those who had studied music, because they had learned to regulate their breathing with musical phrases.

According to the AMTA website, drumming is one example of active music making that healthy individuals can use for stress reduction. Active music making involves areas of the brain that guard against dementia and decline. It’s frequently listed as an activity you can undertake to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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