Washington, DC will be the setting of a conference co-sponsored by three leading kinesiology associations.

Themed “Kinesiology Around the World,” the conference will be held July 17–20.

Attendees may listen to featured speakers, including kinesiologist Kathie Guhl (“Love is the International Language”), energy medicine assistant and Waldorf teacher Titanya Dahlin (“Energy Medicine—Presentation and Movement”) and energy kinesiologist Adam Lehman (“The Living Matrix”), among others; participate in educational workshops on topics including kinesiology, Touch for Health, color harmonics and bio-energy oils; and, with additional registration, stay afterward for half-day workshops.

The Energy Kinesiology Association, the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association and the International Association of Specialized Kinesiology have come together to co-create and host the conference.

For more information: (800) 466-8342 or www.tfhka.org.