When he co-founded the Chicago School of Massage in 1981, Robert K. King couldn’t have known what strides massage therapy would make—yet he is one of the pioneering crafters of the fabric from which today’s massage profession is made.

At the most recent conference of the American Massage Therapy Association, Robert King, along with his wife and fellow massage therapist Kathie King, were presented the inaugural Performance Health/Massage Therapy Foundation 2009 Humanitarian Award.

“Together, Kathie and I have over 61 years of making contributions to the massage industry,” Robert King stated in accepting the award. “Outreach and community work have always been an important part of who we are.

“From our very early days at the Chicago School we have taught our students that success is not just measured in financial ways, but in the ways in which you give back to the community,” Robert King continued. “Our volunteer work has changed our lives, and we encourage others to give to those who may not have access to massage.”

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