Medical Tourism Corporation (website: a Texas, U.S. based [medical travel company] arranged James Golbienko’s [knee meniscectomy arthroscopy surgery] in Mexico and saved him 70% of the self pay cost of the procedure in the U.S. This retiree from California got great medical care and is doing very well now. He now wants to go back to Mexico for arthroscopic meniscectomy on his other knee.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) October 1, 2008 — James Golbienko loves the outdoors and had always looked forward to enjoying the sun with his wife Kathy in Burbank, California, after he retired. In fact, they had moved to Burbank from the state of Washington just so they could enjoy an active outdoor life.

But a torn meniscus cartilage in his left knee meant that he had to choose between expensive re-constructive knee meniscus surgery in the US and living an indoor life with the pain forever. Until Medical Tourism Corporation a Plano Texas company helped them with a [Mexico medical trip].

Medical Tourism Corporation told them they had another choice: very affordable and quality arthroscopic(key hole surgery) meniscectomy (surgical procedure to remove a piece of torn cartilage in the knee joint) in Mexico.

Kathy says, (Experience Video: "My husband wouldn’t have ever gone for the knee endoscopy operation but for Medical Tourism Corporation. I found it so easy to schedule the operation. Everything was as they said." "I was very skeptical… when you book anything on the Internet, you never know what you’re gonna get, you never know what to expect. But I was so pleasantly surprised. I spoke to a very knowledgeable person from Medical Tourism Corporation. And all our needs were met."

James adds, "The hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, was very neat. And though I did have my doubts… about Mexico, about the medical care there, I was very surprised when I arrived. The facilities were clean, the standards were good and I’d say it is equal to any hospital here in the States. The cost of knee arthroscopy in Mexico is a third of that in the US. It’s been three months now since my knee surgery. The doctor advised me to avoid golfing for about six months, but I can already feel that I am ready for it," he says.

Kathy and James drove from Burbank, California, to Tijuana, Mexico, in about four hours for the surgery. Kathy says, "We reached Tijuana the night before surgery. And they (Medical Tourism Corporation) set us up in a real nice hotel about 3-4 blocks from the hospital. The hotel was also very affordable."

"We were assigned a person and she did an amazing job. She got us to the hotel, she got us a cab and parked our car at the hotel overnight. And all this was organized by Medical Tourism Corporation. We were well taken care of and treated very well. And I would recommend them to anyone."

"In Mexico, language was not a problem. English was very well spoken. And I was directed to people who spoke English. We are so happy with the surgery. James has friends who have had this surgery here in the US and they have had more complications than James has had. But James is doing very well. And he doesn’t even have a scar, at least I can’t see any without my glasses. The whole experience definitely exceeded my expectations, and we’ll surely be going back."

James has decided that he will be going back to Mexico for cartilage repair on his other knee. He says, "Our Mexican surgeon was amazing. He was very upfront about the pain levels and how I was going to feel after the surgery. Am glad my wife took this decision, otherwise probably I’d still be suffering. I’m very happy with what I got and I will be going back to Mexico for the meniscal arthroscopy on my other knee." "Medical Tourism Corporation scheduled everything and co-ordinated with the hospital. We were very surprised at this level of quality. And we will certainly use them again," beams Kathy.

Apart from knee arthroscopic meniscectomy surgery in Mexico, Medical Tourism Corporation also facilitates other affordable orthopedic surgeries like [knee replacement], [articular cartilage repair (ACL)], rotator cuff surgery,[hip resurfacing], [hip replacement], and joint replacement in quality medical tourism centers like India, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Other popular medical procedures in Mexico are the weight loss surgery like [lap band], [gastric bypass] and gastric sleeve.


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