Kneelsit reduces the price on its Standard model for October only in an effort to introduce this unique, health-giving chair to a wider audience.

Kiama, NSW, Australia (PRWEB) October 2, 2008 — [Kneelsit] has reduced the price of its fabric chair to $499 in October for its U.S. and Australian customers in the hope that this action will allow more people the opportunity to achieve real comfort for the very first time.

Since its inception in 1995, the only [ergonomic computer chair] with a swivel-axle design has been the Kneelsit, which offers the highest levels of comfort, support and spinal maintenance.

Invented by Australian designer, Greg Usher, the Kneelsit chair has been ergonomically designed to give excellent lumbar support to reduce stress on the lower back. It is also customized to fit the users’ individual body, but the truly remarkable feature is that there are no levers to pull or buttons to push. The user just carries out an initial customisation to suit his/her height and weight, and the unique balance mechanism then works automatically, all the while correcting and supporting the users’ posture naturally.

What makes the Kneelsit superior to a conventional [office chair] is that an ordinary chair has no balance or natural movement, so all the pressure and stress falls on the spine. With the Kneelsit balance chair, however, the body is in exact balance from head to toe, alleviating undue strain on the spine and back. In addition, the patented swivel axle mechanism and forward sloping seat encourages gentle, natural movements that enhance posture, improve concentration and brings nourishment to the cells of the spinal disc.

The chair has been universally well-received, with a world-wide customer base including Microsoft, IBM, BBC London and Oxford University to name just a few. Testimonials keep on coming from around the globe.

"’I love it! Instant relief for my aching back! If I had known that I could have achieved this much relief I would have had one of these chairs years ago. I can feel my spine moving as I ‘sit’. I can’t wait to tell my chiropractor that I won’t be coming as often. It is fantastic and I will be happy to recommend it to everybody I know that suffers from the long sitting day. Thank you so much," said Ann O’C Prahran, VIC, Australia.

Or from Bonnie Rogoff of Brooklyn, New York, "This is the best chair I’ve ever used. I don’t even want to leave the computer; it’s so comfortable, I can sleep in it! I no longer have pain when I wake up. I always was able to predict a storm because my back would go out, but not anymore! Last week, we had torrential downpours and I felt fine. I now know that all the inferior chairs I’ve had before contributed to my pain. I’m even walking straighter now that I’m not straining my back while I type. This chair has saved my back."

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