Monterey, Calif. — KOREBALL, a collapsible, portable kettlebell workout system, offers a full-body cardiovascular workout that helps burn fat, build lean muscles and tone the body, while also improving flexibility, balance and strength. Safe and comfortable to use, the KOREBALL is for all levels of fitness enthusiasts and provides a dynamic, efficient workout in 30 minutes or less.

The innovative and patented, state-of-the-art design of the KOREBALL is a hybrid of traditional kettlebell and medicine ball training equipment. Standard kettlebells are comprised of a solid metal bell and handle, which can be challenging to use. Medicine balls have limited range of motion and are often difficult for users to hold on to for longer than a few minutes at a time.

KOREBALL’s water or sand filled, leak proof, bladders are weight adjustable, while smooth comfort dual handles are easy to use.

Developer Rick Warren is a certified personal trainer and also has a 3rd degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do. He saw the need for a portable, collapsible and compact piece of fitness equipment for the modern lifestyles of today’s person on the go. For more than 27 years, he has owned and operated Warren’s Martial Arts school and personal training center in Monterey, California, where he has trained thousands of people of all ages helping them to stay fit, healthy and achieve their goals. He works closely with his wife Cindy Warren, a certified holistic health coach with more than 20 years of experience and who helps market KOREBALL.

06.09.14_Koreball“What inspired me to invent the KOREBALL is the fact that we know staying fit through all the stages of our lives is essential. Health, wellness and fitness has always been my passion, so a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me and my family, even while on vacation,” Warren said. “If you work hard at being fit and eating well, it is important not to not lose momentum when life gets busy due to work, business trips, vacations or even bad weather. I believe that KOREBALL is the ultimate piece of fitness equipment.”

Warren developed the concept for the KOREBALL kettlebell by taking the idea of the traditional kettlebell, made from metal or hard material, and the medicine ball, which is difficult to grasp and has a narrow range of motion while using. He carefully designed KOREBALL to be a collapsible, portable and compact workout system. Designed with all fitness levels in mind, he made sure the KOREBALL handle design was smooth and the bladders soft, and easy to disassemble and collapse.

An on-the-go fitness solution for all fitness levels, KOREBALL’s unique design offers users the following benefits: 

  •     A fat burning cardiovascular workout
  •     Helps build lean muscle
  •     Engages core muscles, providing tone
  •     Increases body core stability, flexibility and balance
  •     Improves body coordination and mental focus
  •     Bladder can be filled with water (11 lbs.) or sand (20 lbs.)
  •     Comfortable dual handles offer a variety in routines
  •     Collapsible and compact for travel; easy to store away