targets color adjustments new maze 4-9-14--bSenMoCOR, which stands for Sensory Motor Control-Oriented Rehabilitation, was developed by IAOM-US to offer the user and clinician immediate visual feedback regarding sensory motor control using an easy-to-wear laser and laser targets. Stimulating implicit learning, the system allows users to internalize their movement errors and self-correct.

The system consists of the SenMoCOR Laser and two Laser Targets. Using the three included straps, the laser can be positioned on the patient’s head for cervical control, waist for lumbopelvic control, or an extremity for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle control. Once in place, the user can aim at the Laser Target and guide the dot using controlled body movements.

The Laser Targets were designed to facilitate a multitude of exercises. The Cross target features vertical, horizontal, and arced lines for tracking and a classic circular target for activities like active cervical reproduction and return to neutral. The Maze target is ideal for cervical motor control.

The SenMoCOR system benefits a wide range of clinical applications, including sensory motor control, controlled mobility exercise, angle reproduction testing, threshold to detection of motion, postural training, cervical fine motor control, and more.

SenMoCOR is available as a complete system, including the SenMoCOR Laser and two SenMoCOR Laser Targets, or as individual components. By stocking multiple lasers, clinicians have the ability to lend or sell SenMoCOR Lasers to patients for home exercise programs.

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