Special new programs for spas, salons, medical spas and wellness centers

Rapid City, SD – Many full-service salons, day spas, spas, medical spas and wellness centers have been successfully using lasers for effective new service protocols. Business partners Ronnie Weir and Tom Skoog launched Laser Wellness Private Membership Association (PMA) in 2007 because they knew they could offer an incredible way to help people invest in their health using low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Today, beauty care professionals are using LLLT to help clients dealing with acne, rosacea, pain as well as many other cosmetic, health and wellness challenges.

Laser Wellness PMA is the critically important education, support and sales arm of the QLaser System. In addition to teaching people the physics behind lasers and usage techniques, they help teach professionals and consumers alike why they should invest in their health as well as how to change their attitudes towards traditional medicine.

LLLT is a noninvasive, nonthermal way in which subtle, coherent light energy penetrates the skin and underlying tissues to stimulate natural healing in the body. These healing beams of light are the basis of the QLaser System, the only LLLT system in the world with FDA approval for osteoarthritis of the hands. The QLaser uses low-intensity true laser diodes to shed light on different parts of the body in order to re-energize cells, reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow, enhance endorphin production and increase lymphatic drainage. In addition, LLLT promotes collagen and elastin production, the building blocks of the skin.

The QLaser works naturally with the body and mimics how the cells already communicate instantaneously throughout the body with coherent, infrared light, called bio-photons. In doing so, LLLT restores permeability and re-energizes the sick and damaged cells of the body more effectively than any other modality out there.

The Laser Wellness PMA mission remains to help millions of people live a happier, healthier, pain-free life with natural healing; taking into account a caring heart, a listening ear, words of encouragement and hope. They want to shed light on how people can take charge of their health to prevent and treat most disease and illness. Weir shares, “We will continue to build a company that wants to help people get well and stay well. Our goal is to train spa and wellness professionals as well as all people on how to think and react to circumstances and challenges in their lives that will ultimately affect their health in a very positive manner. We want to be a company that will continue to learn and grow in the use and support of LLLT, while continuing to find new methods that will help teach people how to take responsibility for their health.”

As Laser Wellness PMA expands, they will continue to stress the importance of ongoing and advanced education when it comes to helping people take better responsibility for their health. Currently, they host monthly informational seminars all across North America. “The aim of our seminars is to allow people to experience the QLaser firsthand as well as teach the basics of lasers, energy medicine and the physics that make it possible to the consumer, including spa, wellness and naturopathic professionals representing their respective fields,” shares Skoog.

By partnering with Laser Wellness PMA, salon, spa and wellness professionals are able to provide special service treatments as well as an exciting new retail sales program for at-home treatment protocols with a variety of laser devices. Laser Wellness PMA is proud to offer products made in the U.S. They continue to support LLLT research with trial and educational programs, in order to take their laser technology to entirely new levels.

For more information about Laser Wellness PMA or to register for a seminar, call (605) 791-2283 or visit www.LaserWellnessPMA.com.