LaStone Therapy wishes to announce the arrival of a new stone supplier. After eleven years in the stone supply business, AML Stone Source has retired as the only certified stone supplier for LaStone Therapy Inc.

TIR Massage Stone will serve our current instructors and students worldwide. TIR Massage Stone has the ability to reach greater levels with various types of stone from around the world. Maintaining the beauty of the well known Mother Earth Basket that AML Stone Source brought to life for LaStone therapists in 1999.

As this new venture continues to unfold LaStone is also proud to also announce the arrival of two new courses that come to us from our United Kingdom instructors.

LaStone Volcanic Clay Cocoon Course: Incorporates the ancient art of cocooning from Morocco using Rhassoul Clay and LaStone methodologies resulting in a deep sedative, heighten vibrational experience of the stones and clay. This is a lovely treatment for spas and well received by those who have experienced it around the world.

LaStone Crystal Energy Course: Incorporates the ancient art of crystal healing with LaStone methodologies resulting in a journey of relaxation and meditation that supports the whole being; while balancing the Chakras with the crystals and stimulating the circulatory systems with the hot and cold stones.

All LaStone courses are post graduate educational courses and are based in geo-thermal-therapy, sacred ceremony and the art of stone healing. LaStone is taught in 47 different countries and has a data base of over 30 thousand therapists worldwide, we have more than 27 different courses in which to study and be certified in our methodologies. Please visit our web site at