Earning continuing education credits is one of the best methods for massage therapists and bodyworkers to boost their bottom lines, as well as their passion for this one-on-one work. It is through these continuing education courses that professional touch therapists can learn brand new skills, build on existing technique knowledge, extend their understanding of business and marketing and so much more.

For most massage therapists and bodyworkers, completing continuing education courses is mandatory in order to maintain one’s license to practice. This mostly goes for those hands-on practitioners in states and areas where the field of massage therapy and bodywork is regulated by the government.

At times, it may seem like a burden to squeeze a continuing education class into a busy work schedule, not to mention a personal life as well. However, most people who have completed high-quality continuing education classes can assure you the investment of time and money is well worth the outcome.

If you choose a top class and teacher, then your experience in continuing education should be a good one, possibly resulting in increased enthusiasm for the work, an improved overall attitude and even more clients. With such positive results, it is easy to see why those massage therapists and bodyworkers who are not required to enroll in continuing education classes still sign up for extended learning.

So you should have good reason to get excited for any upcoming opportunities to attend continuing education classes. Begin your latest foray into extended learning by reflecting on exactly what kind of class you would like to take, if you could create the perfect class for you. Jot down a few notes on this ideal continuing education course, then set out to find one that most closely matches this dream class.

Deciding what kind of continuing education course to take might be far easier for some massage therapists and bodyworkers than others. It may be as simple as taking the next level course for a modality you currently practice, in order to continue advancing your skill set. However, if you have already taken every level of a class to become a master practitioner of a specific technique, then perhaps it is time to find another modality that can complement your expertise.

Of course, continuing education classes for massage therapists and bodyworkers go beyond techniques and modalities for use in the session room. There also are courses that deal with such topics as accounting, marketing, management, ethics and so on. It is up to you to realistically assess your skills and knowledge in these areas and decide whether brushing up on one or more of these subjects would benefit your business.

For those massage therapists and bodyworkers in states or regions where continuing education is required, specific subjects often are required as well, along with specific approved providers. Be sure to do your homework on what is necessary in your area, so you can feel good about your chosen path toward continuing education.

–Brandi Schlossberg