As you go about your life and work as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, try to make a proactive attempt at learning from nearly every experience that could be relevant to your practice. In this way, you can be continually improving the level of service you provide to your clients, which can lead to more clients who consistently book appointments.

At first, trying to stay open to every learning opportunity can feel overwhelming. Often, the key can be to break it down into a more focused approach. For example, you can try staying open to any lessons life has to teach about massage cream, as far as the best type of massage cream for you to use in each session and the best possible way to use the massage cream on your clients.

Your first massage cream learning experience may have come during massage therapy or bodywork school, when you were introduced to the various massage creams during different classes and practice clinics. However, you may have had an introduction to massage cream even earlier, during a massage or bodywork session you may have received prior to enrolling to become a professional touch therapist.

Whether you knew it or not, these times probably began planting seeds and building your opinion regarding various massage creams. For instance, if you once had a bodywork session where the practitioner used a massage cream that was scented with lavender essential oil, that may have been a very memorable and enjoyable experience for you—or it may have distracted you from the touch therapy.

As another example, you might remember a time when you received a massage and left the practice feeling too heavily coated in massage cream—or it might have felt like luxurious hydration for your skin. In any of these examples, you can see how your perception of the experience with various massage creams would begin to form your opinion about what kinds of massage creams you enjoy and think your clients would most enjoy as well.

Many of your best opportunities for insight regarding massage cream will most likely come from your current everyday practice. During each session, you are getting the chance to focus on and take note of how your massage cream performs. You can even begin asking a few trusted friends and clients to provide their own opinions on the massage cream you use in most of your sessions.

Talking to colleagues about what kind of massage cream they use and why they choose to use that particular massage cream can also help you discover what massage cream might work best in your massage therapy or bodywork practice.

As you make your proactive attempt to learn more and more about massage creams, you will want to keep in mind the basics of a great massage cream. The massage cream you use needs to enhance your hands-on techniques as much as possible, making it easy and seamless for your to perform these specific techniques. Your massage cream should never hinder your hands-on skills or distract from the session.