When a client walks away from a session of massage therapy or bodywork at your practice, there are a few things she may take along with her. For starters, she will be leaving with a body and perhaps a mind that feels better than when she arrived—more relaxed, less painful, with greater range of motion and an increased sense of calm.

These feelings are the main things most clients will take away from a massage therapy or bodywork session, but there is another piece of the session that will likely linger as well—the massage cream you used on the client during her appointment. This may seem like a minor detail, especially compared to the wonderful physical and mental results the client is taking away. However, the way in which your massage cream feels and smells on the client’s skin following a session can make an impact.

For this reason, it is important to consider what the client will be walking away with in terms of the massage cream that was applied during the session. You will either want her feelings about the massage cream to be neutral or positive, but never negative. For example, you do not want a client to get home and feel that her skin is too sticky or that there is an irritating smell left behind by the massage cream.

Ideally, your clients will leave sessions at your massage therapy or bodywork practice with skin that feels somehow better, whether that means softer, smoother, more moisturized, pleasantly scented or all of the above. It could also be fine if the client leaves your practice and does not really even notice the massage cream on her skin—this would be the more neutral reaction.

At this point, you may be wondering how you can figure out how clients are reacting to your massage cream after the session has ended. One of the most basic ways to gather some good insight on this issue would be to apply the massage cream to your own skin, using the same amount you use on most clients. Then, go about your day and see what you notice about the massage cream, if there are any lingering attributes, such as scent or feel on the skin.

Another way to make sure clients are walking away with no negative impressions, especially regarding your massage cream, would be to talk to each client about his or her preferences when it comes to massage cream. By giving your clients a few options around which massage cream you use during the appointment, you can help prevent any dissatisfaction around the ingredients or traits of the massage cream.

For instance, you will probably want to ask your clients whether they prefer a scented or unscented massage cream. For those who would prefer a scented massage cream, you can take this a step further by giving them a few choices as far as the scent, such as lavender, citrus or rosemary. This way, when clients leave your session room, you can rest easy they are not likely to leave with any negative issues related to the massage cream.