Arthritis is one of the many conditions massage therapy aids.

A new study shows that arthritis in the knee is linked to the common trait of having one leg that is longer than the other.

“Whether or not leg length differential is a direct cause of osteoarthritis is not clear, but the findings may allow people to take preventive measures before the onset of the chronic and painful condition,” stated a press release from Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where the research was conducted.

Leg length inequality is difficult to detect. A small leg length differential, one centimeter or less, can be corrected with a shoe insert, while a bigger one can be corrected with surgery. But because the condition often goes undiagnosed, many people don’t realize they have a leg-length differential until they’re diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the press release noted.

Arthritis in the knees can cause pain, swelling and stiffness, and limit mobility. The older a person gets, the greater the chance he or she has of developing the disease.

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