Whenever we’ve run articles about animal massage—be it for horses, dogs, cats or hippos—the response from our readers has been positive. After all, animals have muscles too, right? And don’t our beloved pets and ponies deserve to be relieved of pain?

They do; I also believe non-human animals deserve to live with dignity, and that torturing and killing beagles, mice and monkeys for most laboratory testing is unethical, particularly when that testing is for things like laundry detergent and mascara. (Of course, I do understand, yet with sadness, how lab testing leads to breakthroughs in drugs needed to fight diseases and conditions.)

In March, the European Union banned both the sale and import of any cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals, a move that animal-loving people worldwide rejoiced in.

We can all choose to vote with all our dollars, refraining from buying any products, including cleaning products, cosmetics and body-care products, that have been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. (As a dog owner myself, it distresses me that beagles are used most often in lab experiments, because they are so trusting and compliant.)

Companies that don’t test products on animals are those that tend toward natural and organic ingredients, which makes their products that much better for our own health, the environment and the creatures we share this planet with.

ZuZu, the makeup I have used for years, for example, is cruelty-free, vegan AND has improved the appearance of my skin. The product lasts much longer than conventional makeup does, and if I accidently get a bit in my eye, it doesn’t burn in a nasty way like Maybelline does. Plus, I can rest in the knowledge that no beagle died for my beauty routine.

Here are some good sources for more information:

• Go Cruelty Free

• The Coalition for Consumer Education on Cosmetics