One of the best ways to advertise your business is to let your clients help. Whether it is by adding a testimonial page to your website, or using Facebook or Twitter, many of today’s consumers are active, involved and have valuable points of view. In fact, many clients are enjoyable to interact with.


By responding to your customers who call, write or e-mail, a lot of information regarding what you are doing well and what you can improve upon can be used to stay at the top of your game. In addition, there is nothing like positive feedback to motivate yourself or your staff.


Depending on which social networking platform you prefer, have a great deal of interaction with your fan base, and keep things fresh by being engaged and down to earth.

When your business participates in an event, let your followers and customers know about it, and make a point to arrange to interact with them personally when you are there. The personal interaction you provide by taking that extra step and meeting people face to face is truly recognized and appreciated, and cannot be purchased.

Regardless of what method you decide to utilize, make certain that customer communication and customer service is a priority. You can make these interactions enjoyable, and have fun with them.

Carol Forden is president and CEO of Arctic Ease (www.ArcticEase.com).