by Barbara Cunningham, B.A, R.M.T.

For more than 20 years, “Lewis Circles” have been circulating on a case by case basis by word-of-mouth. At last, appropriately labeled, they can be discovered on YouTube. Named for its creator, Paul Lewis, B.A, R.M.T., they have been in use since 1987. This remedial exercise is appropriate for all ages and activity levels. No equipment is necessary, it’s free and easy to do. The “Lewis Circles” are performed to help with circulation and mobility in the thoracic spine, neck and shoulders.

Having not been named until the filming of his Multi-lingual In-Chair Massage Instructional DVD (2009), Lewis formulated his “Lewis Circles” two decades ago to facilitate the stretching needs of his fitness clients. Currently this preventative, maintenance and rehabilitative remedial exercise is used effectively by office workers sitting at a computer desk all day, by truckers or other long distance drivers, by motor vehicle accident (MVAs) victims, by therapists and health-care workers across the disciplines, by athletes and the list goes on.

Lewis’ experience as a dancer, athlete, fitness instructor and Aikido (Japanese Martial Arts) training has allowed him firsthand insight into the intrinsic, artistic movements of the body. His degree in math and commerce, diploma in e-commerce and years of big business experience provides for the technical expertise in understanding the patterns and relationships between the structures of the body. 

Check it out at or learn firsthand at any of Lewis’ workshops, seminars or conferences in Canada, U.S., Japan, China or England.

Paul Lewis is a registered massage therapist and CMTO- (Canada), NCBTMB- (U.S.), FHT- (Europe) accredited and approved provider. He is a CanPro Certified Fitness Instructor, international presenter and educator, changing the world one treatment at a time. For more information visit,