Eight years ago, a stressed, overworked massage therapist was forced to slow it down. The discovery a walnut-sized brain tumor severely changed the life style of the Milford town therapist, but for the better, she insists. After intense surgery and years of struggle to regain normal body functions Karr insists she’s better than ever, but she’s made some life changes. Transforming the first floor of their three story house into the business lightened the load on Karr and her husband, Bob. Plus, Karr was still able to keep her side business, Crystal River herbal massage and body oils.Karr looks at the past eight years as what she calls a “God job” she feels it all came together perfectly and her outlook on life and other people has improved, she’s more loving and understanding and feels people should be “be-ers not do-ers.” So instead of lamenting over eight years of loss she instead looks toward what she has gained. (A. Wingblad, Hometownlife.com, 7/24/08)