From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Healing Rhythms: Music and Vibration Augment Massage,” by Linda Gertrude Means, Ph.D., in the February 2010 issue. Article summary: Background music is an element in most massage practices, and music therapy is a much-studied field, with decades of clinical research demonstrating therapeutic effects for pain management, learning, immune response, blood pressure, respiration, depression, stroke recovery and other medical conditions.

by Schroeder Nordholt

“…[N]ew scientific evidence points to an inescapable conclusion: That we live in an interactive reality where we change the world around us by changing what happens inside of us while we’re watching-our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.” –Gregg Braden

Music absorbs the thoughts and emotions of its creator and takes on the properties of those very thoughts and emotions, whether positive or negative. This is what makes music such a powerful medium in all our lives-–our spiritual natures resonate with the deeper underlying emotion, which the music embodies.

The universe is an ocean of vibration, as we’re told by contemporary science. The two basic functions of the universe are creation and destruction. So in our human emotions, we are always only ever in alignment with one of these functions; in essence, our thoughts and emotions are always either constructive or destructive.

This brings the power of music into the picture, both as a positive and negative force. If the composer of a piece of music holds thoughts of fear, depression, hatred, bitterness or any strong negative emotion while composing or recording, that feeling will penetrate my energy field in a very real and physical way while listening to it. This may have potentially devastating effects depending upon my current mental and spiritual stability. Conversely, choosing music created in a conscious, positive vibration can bring about upliftment and healing.

It becomes apparent and, in fact, of great importance to choose wisely the pieces of music we allow into our space—one of the few things in life we have almost 100 percent control over.

Source energy, or the creative power of the universe, or God, is happening all around us all the time—we miss it most of the time because we’re busy in our real lives—taking care of the endless tasks that must occupy much of our waking life. An easy way to align ourselves with source energy, or tap into the flow, is to choose music that not only sounds pleasing, but that we can be assured was created with thoughts and intentions of love, contentment, peace, expansion—any combination of positive emotions. These emotions are surely the ones we want to cultivate, and music has the power to gently lift the veil that hangs between a menial existence and an inspired life.

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