Forbes magazine recently reported on the health care practices of a leading professional athlete.

“NFL Linebacker and terrifying human being James Harrison, he of the striped helmet and checkered past, made news yesterday during his introductory press conference with the Cincinnati Bengals when he disclosed that he spends upwards of $500,000 annually on training, massage, and other body work,” stated the article, “NFL Linebacker James Harrison Spends More On Massage Than You Did On Your House. But Can He Deduct It?”

Harrison was quoted in the article as saying he is proactive about the care he provides his body, and which includes massage, chiropractic, supplementation and homeopathy, because his body is what his career is based on.

“Just because Harrison’s massage bills are steep, however, doesn’t mean they’re not necessary, particularly for someone who makes his living putting his body through the equivalent of a car crash approximately 60 times per game, 16 games per year,” the article added.

The article went on to examine the process of deducting massage and other types of medical care from taxes.

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