Naperville, IL (PRWEB) September 4, 2008 — Lit’l Crabie Creations, LLC launches “The Comfort Crab Collection”. The Comfort Crab uses the natural approach to help comfort children in times of discomfort such as tummy aches, colds and earaches (

The Comfort Crab collection was designed to fit in a child’s lap or to be used as a pillow. The crab has a heart shaped body that contains a pocket for a non-toxic hot/cold gel pack. The shell is design with a pocket for optional aromatherapy i.e. a sachet of fresh herbs or tea bags that have been warmed slightly. This natural approach helps in comforting a child.

The Comfort Crab collection also contains a book about a crab that is not feeling well and looking for a warm place to take a nap. The book helps a child realize that just like the crab; they will feel better soon too. The crab, hot/cold gel pack, aromatherapy and the book are designed to work together. This provides a relaxing, natural environment for children who are not feeling well.

Jenni Kotecki designed the comfort crab after facing the challenge of food allergies in her three children. In searching for a natural way to comfort her boys she found nothing on the market. Jenni then wrote and illustrated a book how her youngest son felt with his milk allergy (

Jenni’s second son has Sensory Integration, a component of Autism. Since he is very sensitive to colors and textures, Jenni took him to the local fabric shop to pick out what felt and looked good to him. The crab was then made of red, black & white soft plush fabric with an orange, soft, eyelash fabric shell.

A recent study done by the University of Texas Health Science Center links casomorphin (milk peptides) and gliadomorphin (gluten peptides) to Autism and components of Autism such as Sensory Integration. These studies, along with other studies, show that food allergies in children are on the rise. Based on that information, Jenni knew that there were other mothers who wanted their children to be comforted in a natural way too.

While creating “The Comfort Crab Collection”, Jenni incorporated environmental friendly packaging. All of the paper products such as label, gift wrap boxes, tissue and adhesives for the stickers are all from recycled papers.

The goal of Lit’l Crabie Creations, LLC is to provide a natural approach to comforting a child with keeping all of the child’s physical , emotional , visual and tactile senses comforted and at ease.

For more information on “The Comfort Crab Collection” contact Jenni Kotecki or visit http://www.litlcrabiecreations.com You can also view the “Lit’l Crabie” clothing collection with recycled organic, cotton T-shirts. (

Lit’l Crabie Creations, LLC was formed in 2008 by founder Jenni Kotecki. Jenni has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and is a stay at home mother of three boys.


Jenni Kotecki, founder

Lit’l Crabie Creations, LLC