– 20 hours of weekly online radio programming hosted by AlternativeEnergy.com experts –
NEW YORK, NY – AlternativeEnergy.com, the one-stop interactive community dedicated to alternative energy, launches Energy Expert Live Radio, bringing live talk radio programming to the Web. As the way people access news and information becomes more and more dependent on the internet, and the discussion about alternative energy continues to grow rapidly, Energy Expert Live Radio delivers expert-hosted programming to keep the information and conversation current and accessible.
Energy Experts Live Radio provides listeners with 20 hours of online radio programming a week, hosted by experts in sustainable design, thermodynamics, sustainability economics, and more. AlternativeEnergy.com’s experts synthesize the latest news and information related to their industry and relay it in a clear, relatable way to their listeners, delivering information, facilitating discussions and engaging listeners. Guest experts and co-hosts will also be brought “on-air” to further the discussion and add various viewpoints and perspectives.
Energy Experts Live is geared toward people from all walks of life, not just activists and environmentalists, catering to professionals looking to discuss the latest trends, concerned parents, students interested in renewable resources and environmental preservation, as well as the average consumer looking to save money on gasoline. The content is designed to engage, inform and entertain, and listeners can call in or chat live online.
Weekly programming from journalists and experts includes: Thermodynamics Sustainability Economics hosted by Lindsay Leveen, chemical engineer and author of Hydrogen – Hope or Hype, and Dave Penake, a materials scientist; Environmental activist and Bio Liberty, LLC Founder Gordon Soderberg’s Biodiesel for Small Business; Sustainable Design with green
design expert Angela Jones of GreenTone Enviro Design; and Senior AlternativeEnergy.com journalist David Kates presents different topics each week with various guests, including solar technology and automobile CEOs, corporate energy consultants, professors of technology, and other experts.
For a complete list of programming schedules and descriptions, or to listen to Energy Experts Live, please visit www.AlternativeEnergy.com.