According to, about half of the adult population is affected by insomnia or other sleep problems and up to 14 percent use sleeping pills regularly. Not getting enough sleep causes problems throughout the day like energy shortages and bodily tension, which lead to poor performance and poor health. 

The current economic situation is also playing a big role in sleep problems. Financial pressure, work stress and other problems keep the mind going all night and can cause hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances in the body. Poor diet and too much caffeine are also culprits behind the problem. Chicago Healers Practitioner Karen Erickson offers tips to help combat insomnia. Instead of reaching for a Starbucks Trenta, give the following a try:

  • Go “hypno.” See a hypnotherapist. They can help stop the mind chatter when going to sleep at night and can help manage stress. A hypnotherapist can train the brain to go to sleep upon crawling into bed as well as let go of fears and worries.
  • Cut the caffeine. Cut out caffeine completely or drink only low sugar caffeine free drinks, such as green or white tea. If you can’t forgo your midday espresso, stop drinking caffeinated beverages  in the evening to be less wired when you hit the pillow.
  • Say “Omm.” Be sure to engage in personal quiet time. Meditate at least 30 minutes a day, go for walks in nature or do yoga.
  • No after-dinner mints. Go to bed on an empty stomach as food digestion may keep your body up and running. Try to cut yourself off of food three hours prior to your bedtime.
  • You are what you eat. Eat healthy meals throughout the day. Your body does not take well to long periods of time without eating and then filling up on junk food.
  • Magnificent magnesium. Take a good quality magnesium supplement which help muscles relax and relieves anxiousness.
  • Root out the sleeplessness. Take a valerian-root herbal supplement right before bedtime, which helps calm you down.
  • Lights out. Abstain from watching TV in bed at night and be sure your room is dark. If you need to, invest in a sleep mask. The darker the room the better as light may disrupt the production of healthy neurotransmitters.


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