Aurora, CO – Full Circle School Inc. has been approved as a continuing education provider by Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Full Circle is owned by Dawn Lewis. Lewis teaches Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT). The course approved through Louisiana, Alabama and Florida is SMRT Head and Neck, with SMRT Cranial Sacral Therapy. This course may be taken in two ways: by DVD or in a three-day seminar.

Louisiana and Alabama have approved the above course for 24 CEs on DVD or through a three-day seminar. Florida will not approve hands-on modalities on DVD, but Full Circle and Lewis have been approved by CE Brokers for Florida continuing education credits. For Florida CEs, therapists must take the three-day seminar.

The SMRT Head and Neck, with SMRT Cranial Sacral Therapy DVD is available for $200 with CEs and $180 without CEs. The SMRT Head and Neck, with SMRT Cranial Sacral Therapy three-day seminar is set for Feb. 3 to 5, 2012, in Tallahassee, Florida; March 9 to 11, 2012, in Scottsdale, Arizona; and March 23 to 25, 2012, in Dallas, Texas. Tuition includes a book and is $450 without the DVD and $575 with the DVD.

SMRT is powerful bodyworking tool. SMRT can be performed alone or with any other modality. This technique integrates seamlessly into all other modalities, enhancing everything else you do. SMRT allows you to stimulate lymphatic system flow, while resolving trigger points painlessly, and releasing ligaments and muscle tissue. SMRT is easier on therapists hands and bodies, while being almost pain-free for clients.

Full Circle School is approved through the NCBTMB as a continuing education provider. Registration for seminars or DVD purchases can be made at