Finding a massage cream you love can help enhance every session of massage therapy or bodywork you perform. With the right massage cream on hand, each technique of your chosen modality might be applied with greater ease and effectiveness, among other benefits. If you do not feel like your current massage cream is bringing the best possible attributes to the table, it may be time to start searching for the massage cream of your dreams.

Much of what makes a massage cream the right product for a particular practice is going to depend on the massage therapist or bodyworker, especially the type of modality and techniques he or she typically performs. Having a general idea of the kind of massage cream that might work well with your own style of touch therapy is an important starting point on the path toward that perfect massage cream.

For example, if you know you have a tendency to perform deeper, more focused techniques and strokes on quite a few of your clients, then you know that you are going to want a massage cream that adds to the ease and effectiveness of performing those techniques and strokes. In the case of deeper, more focused work, that is going to most likely mean a massage cream that offers a good amount of friction or stick, allowing you stay put in one spot as you unwind and release your client’s aches and pains.

At the other end of the spectrum, you might know by now that a large part of most of your session work often is devoted to longer, lighter, gliding strokes and techniques, in an effort to induce calm and relaxation among your clients. If this is the case, then you would want to make sure the massage cream you choose provides enough glide or slick to keep your hands moving seamlessly over large areas of each client’s body.

Of course, one of the reasons massage cream, in general, is such a popular choice when it comes to lubricants for massage therapists and bodyworkers is because many massage creams offer a nice blend of both friction and glide, which means the practitioner can shift gears more fluidly between the deeper, more focused techniques and the lighter, longer, gliding aspects of the session.

However, when it comes to finding a massage cream you love, it may be important to test a few out to find the one that offers just the right ratio of stick and slick. Pinpointing the perfect texture for the massage cream you use in your daily practice is probably the most important component of picking the best possible massage cream. Try asking various massage cream manufacturers for samples of their massage creams, in order to test them out and select the right one with confidence.

The main requirement for the massage cream you choose should be an ability to enhance your own hands-on techniques, making it easier for you to perform your chosen modality and possibly even making your sessions more effective.