DENVER, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Lullabelly has announced its award-winning prenatal music belt is now available at Baby Depot stores nationwide, giving more moms, dads and their unborn babies a head start to bonding over music together. Baby Depot is part of Burlington Coat Factory. 

Adrianne Godart, a licensed massage therapist and inventor of Lullabelly, says her invention creates a safe, comfortable and fun way to play music to a baby in the womb.

“Research has indicated that listening to music with your baby in the womb helps reduce stress during pregnancy, helps with fetal development and creates some of the first special bonding experiences between baby and their mom and dad,” says Godart. “We are excited to offer those first special bonding moments between parent and child and are proud to partner with Baby Depot to bring the experience and enjoyable activity to more families nationwide.”

Lullabelly not only enables moms and dads a convenient way to share music with their unborn baby, but also offers the opportunity to play voice recordings and audio books too.

“If mom or dad travels for business or is in the military, or grandma and grandpa live out-of-state, they can simply record their voices and mom can play it back to baby at any time,” adds Godart. “This capability allows baby to become familiar with a voice he or she may not hear often and forge those special bonds early on no matter where the important people in baby’s life may be based.”

The Lullabelly pregnancy music belt is available in five colors at and other baby product retailers nationwide. Baby Depot will be rolling out Lullabelly’s most popular color, chocolate brown and mint, in stores nationwide.

About Lullabelly

The Lullabelly prenatal music belt is the modern mom’s way to safely and comfortably play music to her baby in the womb. The company was born in 2007 after Adrianne Godart, a massage therapist, wanted to encourage expecting parents to enjoy music with their babies without having to stretch bulky headphones over their baby bumps. Today, Lullabelly has evolved into a playback tool that enables parents to play voice recordings, lullabies, audio books and more to baby by simply plugging Lullabelly into any portable music player, such as an iPod, CD/MP3 player or laptop. Each soft and colorful belt adjusts to fit mom’s growing tummy, and includes a sound splitter and earphones so mom or dad can listen, too.