The busy lives that many individuals lead today contribute to what seems like a pandemic of a lack of restful sleep. Even for some of those who are able to obtain the recommended six to eight hours of sleep per night, several factors may cause them to wake up each day feeling exhausted and as though they’ve had no sleep at all.

Pioneer Linens, a West Palm Beach based retailer of luxury bedding, designer bath linens & towels and other top of the line household items, has taken the initiative to provide busy consumers and anyone else who would benefit from better quality sleep, a means to obtain it by combating one of the most noted issues that stands in the way: easy access to quality bedding.

Better Sleep, Better Health

It is no secret that quality sleep is essential for optimal health. It is also virtually common knowledge that sleeping on bedding made with higher quality materials leads to more restful sleep. Pioneer Linens is one company that has for years invested in the lives of people by providing them with convenient access to obtain the high quality products that can help give them a better lease on life. With the launch of their new website, the company is illustrating to the world that comfortable, healthy sleep should not be reserved for a select few by opening the doors for a convenient and affordable way to find bedding that contributes to a better night’s sleep.

A True Pioneer in Providing Luxury for the Masses

Pioneer Linens is a premiere resource of its kind for servicing consumers on an international scale. With a history that dates back nearly a century, the company’s roots lie in being one of the first Florida based suppliers to provide people with products that help improve their living conditions.

Pioneer Linens has grown into a widely successful retailer of quality luxury goods. Some of their most popular designer products to date include: Matouk, Sferra Brothers – Fine Italian Bed Linens, including leading names like Regatta, and Canyon towels as well as Gossamer, Brighton, Caribe, Gel Pro, and Exceptioale, pillows, floor mats, and accessories. The company also provides Angela, Stripe, Perla, Portofino, Millesimo, Classico, liquid candle wax remover, laundress stain solution, luggage racks, reed diffusers, and other products for the home. Pioneer Linens is encouraging individuals to visit their new website at for key information on current luxury goods, and the benefits of using these products.

For more information about Pioneer Linens, or to browse their online catalog of merchandise, please visit Yacht Linen Catalog.

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